The Whimseekers


The remaining two adventurers managed to sneak long enough to scrounge up a weapon or two, at which point they stormed the chief’s building, swiping the deific weapon and a few trinkets before the poor bug bear could so much as stumble out of his bed.

Barely escaping the camp with a horde of teeth-gnashing bug bears at their heels, the two managed to meet up with the rest of the group and beat a hasty retreat.

Returning the weapon to the church of Kord, it was shortly revealed that the ring they had swiped from the chief’s room was a ring of three wishes, with a single wish left.

After a long, long period of deliberation, the group allowed Rakdos to wish for the ability to become a dragon at will. It didn’t work out exactly as he planned, but he gained the ability to transform into a strange silver scaled Dragonborn at will, oddly more draconic then most others of the race.



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