The Whimseekers

Sad times

After their fun little romp with the purple dragon Pakutna down under the earth, Mort is informed that he will have to perform a quest for Kord to prove he was worthy of the earlier divine intervention. A group of mercenary bugbears have stolen an artifact from the church of Kord, a powerful warhammer, and are claiming to work in his name whilst taking actions that defy his teachings.

After spending their ill-gotten dragon horde money on some fancy new equipment, the group set off for a small village ransacked by the bugbears. Finding it to be in utter ruin, with only a handful of mostly traumatized survivors, the group is divided.

Rakdos, Mort and, with some reluctance, Drekker, are in favor of pursuing and defeating the bugbears, feeling that their talents are better suited to stopping the aggressors from causing similar scenes in other locales. Leirune and Rari, however, feel obligated to stay and help the remaining people in any way possible, despite the undertaking likely requiring far more manpower and time then they reasonably have to work with. Tension builds around the campfire as each of the men in turn gives a lengthy speech regarding their reasoning and feelings, but the girls stubbornly refuse to budge from their moral position.



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