The Whimseekers

Tying Up Loose Ends

The Whimseekers call upon Ralph, and find him wrestling with the mysterious half-elf. After a couple of seconds of flipping and tumbling, the half-elf tosses a hole in the floor of Rary and Laerune’s room, escaping through the tavern and out the door. Mort and Drekkar attempt to follow, but the crafty cloaked fellow loses them after a few short minutes.

Ralph managed to pull a holy symbol off of the burglar—Rary’s to be exact. The Whimseekers got a job from Ralph; he requested they steal a floating rock from a traveling merchant for one of his own customers. The troupe managed, barely, to retrieve the item with little cost or suspicion.

After Rakdos got payment for the job from Ralph, a total of 20 platinum pieces, Rary took some of Drekkar’s money and went to buy a ritual to remove his “blessing”. She found one such item and proceeded to thoroughly read it while Drekkar made a false bottom in the wagon, Mort drank himself silly, and the other two groomed their steeds.

In the morning, Rary scouted out Drekkar in the wagon and told him that that particular ritual has a certain chance of killing the recipient. Drekkar stopped momentarily, before agreeing to the ritual anyway, so long as he could have a last drink. Rary prepared the ritual and dragged Mort out with her for moral support. Luckily, Sehanine’s grace was with them and though Drekker was grievously injured, and perhaps traumatized from the experiance, he did not perish.

The Whimseekers spent a little more time in Urken Tap before heading northwards to find a Dwarven settlement to sell Rakdos’ large cut jewel. Upon nearing the colony, the group meets up with a figure of Drekkar’s past—Yurror Bofal, his teacher. Yurror leads them all to Kalash’n also known as Drekkar’s home.

As per usual, Mort scouts out the most famous tavern and gets drunk under the table in due haste. Rary and Laerune decide to take a bath. Shortly, they hear Yurror and Drekkar’s voices coming from the male side of the divided bath. Yurror tells Drekkar to visit his father and Rary tags along with him. After the awkward encounter, the Whimseekers find lodging and sleep until morning…



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