Drekkar Brushrok

A dwarven ranger, more at home in the wilderness than his birthtunnels.


STR 15 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 11 WIS 14 CHA 10

61 HP

AC 18 Fortitude 16 Reflex 16 Willpower 15

Speed 5

Equipped: Throwing Hammer (x4), Dwarf Warhammer, +1 Magic Warhammer, +1 Amberstone Resounding Dwarf Longsword, Hide Armor


Early in life, Drekkar was caught in a cave-in alongside his father and brother. It was the worst cave-in that the elders had ever seen. Drekkar’s father was crushed outright, while his brother and he had chanced upon an air pocket amidst the rubble. The two were trapped for three days while the dwarves of Kalash’n attempted to excavate them.

Without food, water or warmth, the brothers slowly ran out of air. They spent maddening hours holding their breath to preserve oxygen. The two went into a fury, clawing at the rock to make it yield. But their hope and consciousness left them with the last of the air. Moments later, the dwarves broke through the rock and excavated Drekkar from the remains. Air reached his brother but a moment too late. Drekkar was the only survivor of the Kalash’n Cave-in.

The dwarf was permanently traumatized by the experience. He couldn’t stand being beneath the rock walls of his home anymore, but knew no other way of life. The dwarven ranger Yurror Bofval took pity on the lad, and trained him for the position of watchdwarf. Yurror showed Drekkar about the mountaintops, teaching him to track and navigate in the wilderness.

Gifting Drekkar with a pair of throwing hammers and a warhammer, Yurror sent him down into the manlands as part of an apprenticeship. Surely, Yurror hoped, time and experience would cure the dwarf-lad of his psychological affliction. While down there, Drekkar met the Whimseekers during an engaging bar brawl. He then acted as their guide through heavy wilderness before joining them on their fortune quest.

Drekkar Brushrok

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