Contrary is the Whimseeker's cleric of Sehanine.



HP: 113
AC: 31

STR: 16
CON: 11
DEX: 13
INT: 18
WIS: 20
CHA: 16

FORT: 22
REF: 23
WILL: 26

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Atheletics, Diplomacy, Heal, History, Perception, Religion

Feats: Ritual Caster, Defensive Mobility, Skill Training – Perception, Skill Training – Acrobatics, Skill Training – Athletics, Contrary’s Near-Death Hallucinations, Sure Climber, Defensive Healing Word, Mettle, Agile Athlete, Armor Specialization (Chainmail)

Rituals: Gentle Repose, Secret Page, Cure Disease, Remove Affliction, Enchant Magic Item, Brew Potion, Consult Magic Sages, Water Walk, Endure Elements

Alchemical Formulas: Alchemist’s Fire, Alchemist’s Frost, Antivenom, Clearwater Solution

Inventory: Vicious Morningstar +4, Righteous Mace +5, Sling, Symbol of Daring +3, Healer’s Armor +5, Boots of Minor Holding, Potion Bandolier, Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Rope, Rations, Flask x2, Ritual Book, uncut Turquiose, uncut Peridot, uncut Aquamarine, uncut Fire Opal, uncut Sapphire

Total Funds: 2AD, 99PP, 24GP, 5SP, 8CP


Contrary, or Rary for short, was born to Lauren and Jacob a Tiefling. Neither of the Humans knew they had demon blood deep in their lineage, but they cared for Rary as any other child. At first the citizens of Remon were scared of the devil child, but they came to know and love Rary as a bright, harmless, kind and occasionally stubborn youngling.

Rary spent much of her time at the Apothecary’s office when she wasn’t at home or school. She enjoyed patching up small scratches on not only herself, but anyone who’d let her near them. At age 12, Rary decided she wanted to be a cleric and told her parents. Neither of them were pleased, as they were both misinformed of the workings and duties, thinking that all illnesses or hurts that clerics healed were endowed upon the healer.

Shortly thereafter, a small band of Sehanine clerics passed through Remon en route to another town. Rary insisted they stay with her family and pestered the troupe with endless questions. Before they left the next day, the oldest member, Catherine, told the young Tiefling that they were from the convent to the east, over some small hills about half a day’s walk. Rary never forgot this.

When she turned 14, Rary told Lauren she was going to leave for the convent in the morning as she went off to school. She insisted that she would get a good education and had to do everything she was capable of to save and help the world. Rary heard her mother’s heart break as she ran to school, sobs raking her body as well. She loved her mother and father very much, but this is what she was destined to do.

Rary packed her things that night, silently. She knew that if she made a sound she wouldn’t be able to breathe through her cries. Just before she stepped out the door, Lauren stopped her daughter and handed her a holy symbol of Sehanine. Only one thing escaped her mother’s lips before she was dashing toward her new home, “Be safe, little cleric.”


For two years now Rary has been travelling with the Whimseekers. She’s been tested on everything she thought she stood for and has made some good friends in the process. As it stands, she has thought twice on her goals, aspirations, and beliefs and isn’t sure where she will be headed from here on out.


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